Lesbian Sex Is Better At The Beach
I have to admit that this porn scene really kind of confused me at first. That's because it contains so many different elements that I thought it was something it isn't. When I first saw this scene I thought it was a beach porn scene. You know, the kind of nude scene where you have two beautiful, and dare I say very busty, blondes getting naked on a public beach. However, I turned out to be really fucking wrong about that assumption.

It didn't turn out to be a nude beach porn scene. What it actually became was a hot lesbian scene. Of course, these two ladies do take their sweet time getting to the fucking point. They start off as fucking lifeguards and then do a little bit of solo posing. That is what threw me off. I just wasn't expecting this scene to become a girl on girl scene. Which is what happens by the end. I guess that goes to show you that you shouldn't just a gallery by just the first couple of pictures. If you do, then you are apt to miss out on something really special.