Pornstar Is Hot As Nude Firefighter
I always knew that Sara Jay was hot but I didn't realize how hot she was until I saw this uniform porn scene of her dressed up like a firefighter. She is so fucking blazing hot in these scene that she should probably be putting herself out. Of course, if she needs a hose to get the job done, then I have one that she can borrow.

This scene starts off with her in her firefighting gear but as you probably guessed she doesn't keep this outfit on very long. That's because it covers up her tits too much and we all know that we have to get a good look at those big knockers of hers whenever she is on camera. That is like an unwritten rule or something.

It isn't this chick's enormous boobs, however, that make her so hot. She also has a couple of other things going for her. Like her big round ass and her nicely shaven pussy. Those things are pretty steamy as well. If she keeps doing scenes like this one than she is going to have a real fire to put out. The fire that is in my fucking shorts.